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What if the suspension rubber fails?

Through normal wear and tear, the latex rubber used in the triangle suspension lasts many years – typically 10 or more. Over time however, the rubber may harden, crack, or tear – particularly if the triangle hanger has been exposed to extreme temperatures, harsh conditions, or nicked by sharp objects. Normal pull from the originally installed hanging loops will not cut or damage the rubber. Reconditioning service is available for your triangle hanger in the event the rubber suspension should need replaced.  Visit SERVICES>REPAIR & RECONDITIONING for more information. 

What if the suspension loop fails? How do I replace it?

In the rare event that a loop needs to be replaced, a replacement line is easily threaded through the rubber tubing. It may help to lightly pinch the long sides of the tube. A needle can be used if you are having difficulty guiding the line into or through the tube, just be sure to avoid jabbing the rubber with the sharp tip. Once the line is threaded through, form a loop in preparation for tying a knot. I use a fly fishing knot known as the “Blood Knot” to tie off the loop. It is nearly impossible for a blood knot to come undone if it has been pulled tautly. Instructions for this knot can be found on many angler websites.  Avoid mono-filament line as it is highly susceptible to failure if nicked. 

What kind of string is used for the suspension loops?

A heavy duty, nick-resistant, woven thread with minimal stretch. 





Can I replace the rubber batter pad if it wears out?

Yes! Starting with the 2013 redesigned Timpani Practice Pad (cherry frame), batter pad replacement is available!  Visit SERVICES>REPAIR & RECONDITIONING for more information. 

Why can’t pre-2013 practice pads have their batter replaced?

Pre-2013 Timpani Practice Pads (oak frame) pose technical challenges for batter pad replacement that ultimately are uneconomical. The 2013 redesign was a complete overhaul that also offers vastly improved performance. 




Is an eBook version available?

An eBook is planned and I have wanted to offer an electronic version ever since publication. Conversion has been challenging due to the way content appears, or flows, when in an eBook format as opposed to hardcopy. Given the importance of the vital layout of this book, I want the information to present properly. An electronic version will release eventually. Please keep checking back here or on our Facebook page for updates.

BOOK FAQs: “The Art of Timpani Mallet-Making



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