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From a young age, I have enjoyed playing music and making things, so it was inevitable that music and making would be combined. That connection was cemented during an undergraduate lesson when my teacher, Duncan Patton, assigned me to make a triangle holder that met certain parameters. Trial and error led to my original triangle hanger. As it evolved, classmates asked for them, more friends wanted them, and then friends of friends wanted them. It became clear that a more efficient way had to be found! My brother, a mechanical engineer, was enlisted to help.


Around this time, an old friend broached the idea of starting a business together. That venture debuted at PASIC 1997 in Anaheim and catapulted the triangle hanger, timpani practice pad, and other products to immediate recognition. After a few years we went separate ways.


A. Stubbs Percussion was launched in 2003, with renewed focus on the Triangle Hanger and Timpani Practice Pad. A new distribution chain allowed easier customer access to products. Design and performance improvements continued to be made, and additional projects developed.


In early 2013, “The Art of Timpani Mallet-Making” was published. A decade in the making, the book immediately established itself as a landmark and essential text on how to make and repair timpani mallets. The book draws upon my experience as a timpanist and mallet maker – having personally made over 3000 pairs of timpani mallets. Later that year, product lines were revamped to bring forth substantial performance and quality enhancements. The Triangle Hanger was tweaked, permitting even more triangle resonance, projection, and overtone complexity. The Timpani Practice Pad received notable improvements in response along with a beautiful, new cherry wood box.


At A. Stubbs Percussion, tinkering and creating continue as new ideas are being developed into future, innovative accessories for the percussive arts!


-Amy Stubbs



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“Musicians paint their pictures on silence.” -Leopold Stokowski 


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